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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KDVR) — When Brandon Wyckoff and Scott Morehead heard about the grocery store tragedy in Boulder, they felt obligated to help. So they did what they do best, got to work designing and creating plaques to donate to the Boulder Police Department, King Soopers and Officer Eric Talley’s family. 

Wyckoff and Morehead run Wyckoff’s Workshop out of their homes in Fountain. Together they design and create custom first responder plaques and carvings.

“We decided to donate seven plaques to Mrs. Talley, two large and seven medium plaques, each medium plaque represents a child that officer Tally left behind,” said Wyckoff. 

Officer Eric Talley’s father hopes his son inspires others to ‘do the right thing’

The two retired military veterans have been working together for four years and have filled orders all over the country. 

“I started doing woodworking when I was 12 years old,” said Morehead. Since 2017 they have produced over 4,000 shields for their customers. 

They are set to give the finished plaques to BPD later this week.

Mourners come from across the country to pay their respects for Officer Eric Talley

“Usually if it is close to home we do a donation no matter what, for them to know that they are not forgotten. That’s the main thing, there are people in the community who care and will go all out so that it’s noticed,” said Morehead.

You can find out more about Wyckoff’s Workshop and how to order custom plaques on their Facebook page.

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