Moments earlier than guard in Denver fatally shot Patriot Muster protester revealed in video – Fox Information


Video footage released Tuesday shows the moments that preceded the shooting death of a pro-police Navy veteran during dueling rallies in Denver last weekend.

The video clips were released by 9News in Denver and were recorded by a producer. One video captured two people arguing during the “Patriot Muster” outside the city’s Civic Center on Saturday. 

Matthew Dolloff, 30, faces a first-degree murder charge, accused of killing Lee Keltner, 49, as the rally clashed with Black Lives Matter and A

ntifa counter-protesters. 

Denver police identified Matthew Dolloff, 30, as the suspect in a fatal shooting that took place in downtown Denver during dueling protests. Dolloff was a private security guard working for local television station KUSA TV. (Denver Police Department via AP)

During the argument, one man, who appears to be Keltner, is captured pulling out an object before the recording stops. The second clip shows the aftermath of the shooting as police officers secure the scene. 

Dolloff was hired by a local news station to protect staff members during the demonstration through the Pinkerton security firm. Pinkerton sub-contracted with Dolloff from another agency. He was not licensed as a private security guard. 

Before working in security, Dolloff had several brushes with the law.

According to records obtained by the Daily Mail, Dolloff had a trespassing arrest in 2011, for which he spent seven nights in jail.

In 2009, he was busted for driving with a suspended license, according to the online news outlet. In 2014, he was ticketed for driving under restraint and driving in an unsafe vehicle. 

In addition, he filed for bankruptcy in 2013, claiming $16,000 in liabilities and under $2,000 in assets. Before working in security, he founded a farm with his wife that specialized in turkeys, according to his Facebook page. 

The farm looked to be inoperable when a Daily Mail reporter recently visited, 40 miles southeast of Denver.  His most recent work involved radio. He previously obtained a Ham Radio Amateur license, but there was no apparent activity connected with his call sign: KEONKL.

Dolloff was engaged in the Occupy movement during its early days in 2011, his ex-girlfriend told the outlet. However, he was not involved with Antifa or Black Lives Matter. 

Shortly after he was identified as the shooting suspect, past posts by Dolloff surfaced, showing that he was more overtly left-leaning politically, with posts talking about how a Trump Button was a “racist button” and calling the Trump administration a “fascist dictatorship.”


Keltner operated a hat-making business where he fashioned cowboy hats; he described himself as an artist. His sister, Susan Keltner, declined to comment on her brother’s death when reached by Fox News. 

In images of the protest, a man who resembled Keltner was seen slapping and spraying Mace at someone appearing to be Dolloff, the Denver Post reported. 

The man who looked like Dolloff drew a gun and shot the other person, according to witnesses. A lawyer representing Dolloff’s family told local media that Dolloff feared for his safety when he opened fire. 



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