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The Nuggets are going to get a coach fired who deserves a better fate.

David, Denver

Kiz: You gotta love Michael Malone, if for no other reason than the same frustration fans feel is plastered on his face after each inexplicable, unforgivable loss. Malone is a solid NBA coach. While apologists for an under-performing squad offer injuries as an excuse, it is this team’s lack of quality second-tier talent that is setting up Malone as a scapegoat.

A year ago we all talked about the Nuggets having one of the deepest benches in the league. The offseason was a big failure. Denver chose not to go all in.

Ken, native son

Kiz: Am I the only one around here preaching urgency? While the Nuggets take a dilly-dally approach to upgrading their roster, we have reached the halfway point of the five-year, $148 million contract center Nikola Jokic signed in 2018. Would it be wrong to suggest the team’s window of championship opportunity might already be halfway closed?

How about the idea of DeMarcus Cousins wearing a Nuggets uniform? I’m not really a fan, but some size and attitude in the post would allow other guys to actually play perimeter defense. Maybe Jokic could knock somebody down instead of complaining about fouls. An enforcer has a place in the NBA.

Larry, Frederick

Kiz: The Nuggets are soft and could definitely use more ‘tude. Wasn’t all that dough spent on Paul Millsap supposed to give Denver a steely edge? Please don’t get me started, because staffers here at Kickin’ It Headquarters start backpedaling slowly toward the break room whenever I begin another rant about Millsap. I’m not certain how much Boogie Cousins has left in the tank. But even if he’s running on empty, that would make Cousins better than Isaiah Hartenstein, a player Doug Moe would’ve called a big stiff.

I will absolutely not be among fans at Coors Field this season. Franchise owner Dick Monfort runs the Rockies like an amusement park. It’s a wonderful fan experience Monfort inherited and enhanced. But Colorado natives like me want all our teams to be obsessed with winning. Monfort barely cares about that. I will be rooting for a 100-loss season in 2021.

Russ, loves a good cry

Kiz: The food is better and beer is cheaper at LoDo watering holes than inside the ballpark. Belly up to the bar and root for 100 losses. A smart tavern owner might even start a “Drown Your Sorrows” happy hour after every defeat suffered by the Pet Rocks.

The Rockies already have my ticket money from last year. So I’m hoping to get chosen to get in the ballpark on opening day.

EB, baseball lover

Kiz: If winning or losing matters little to the Rockies, one of the “lucky” 12,500 fans selected to attend the home-opener on April Fools’ Day should be allowed to pitch the sixth inning, don’t you think?

And today’s parting shot is a pithy summation of the state of sports in our dusty old cowtown.

It’s hard to watch. In a nutshell, the Nuggets stink and the Avs stink. The Rockies are going to stink. The Broncos? Ditto.

Douglas, Westminster



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