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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – The inaugural trip of a new direct flight to Denver took off from Sioux Gateway Airport Wednesday evening. It was the first time since 2014 when Frontier withdrew service.

“This is going to be great we love to come back and visit family and my parents own Jerry’s Pizza so we love to come back for pizza,” said SkyWest Passengers Teri Lynn and Maci Byler.

Teri Lynn and her daughter Maci Byler were among the first flyers to arrive in Sioux City from Denver.

“So, this will be even better, so that they can fly and come out to Maci’s activities and my son’s activities, too,” said Lynn.

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It’s not just a ticket for family and friends to take advantage of but a chance for new business opportunities.

“If local businesses want to bring customers or suppliers in or if they want to get their employees to travel, it’s perfect to have that one-stop connection to the whole west coast, not to mention Denver is our number two destination,” said Barbara Sloniker with the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce.

Under the agreement with SkyWest Airlines, there will be one daily round-trip flight to Denver out of the Sioux Gateway Airport.

The airline agreement gained momentum from a 2018 Department of Transportation grant worth $600,000 as the airport is a recipient of essential air service funding.

“Our goal is to just continue to see things grow in Sioux City. We are committed to providing reliable air service because we know how important that is to a community to help it continue to grow and thrive,” said SkyWest Airlines manager Wes Horrocks.

Sioux Gateway has been without flights to Denver for several years after Frontier Airlines halted services.

“There was a limited number of aircraft and there were business model changes with those guys twice where they decided to redeploy those air crafts twice from a number of different cities.
Flyers now have direct flights to Chicago, Dallas, and Denver,” said Dave Bernstein, the President of
Sioux Gateway Airport Board of Trustees

Community leaders are urging Siouxlanders to take full advantage of what the airport has to offer.

“I would encourage our citizens, this is one of those deals that we use it or we lose it guys, and it’s important that we fly out of Sioux City and it’s important that we use this airline,” said Mayor Bob Scott.

“So, we’re hoping now we can come more often now that we can fly direct,” said Lynn.

The current agreement with sky west will run until February of 2022 and the next flight out to Denver will take off tomorrow night at 5:28 p.m.

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