Denver Mayor Approves Extra Funding For Social Companies Program – Milford Mirror



1:06 p.m. EDT, Saturday, October 17, 2020

DENVER (AP) – Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said the city will invest $ 3 million in 2021 in the STAR program, which brings together mental health professionals with social services on certain emergency calls.

Operations will be relocated to the city health department, according to Julie Smith, spokeswoman for the Treasury Department.

The decision comes after Hancock released his draft budget for 2021 in September, which includes millions of dollars in cuts as the city faces historical tax shortages, the Denver Post reported on Saturday.

The budget included vacation days for employees and small investments in social services. It also included changes to law enforcement guidelines. The city council reviewed the document and recommended seven changes, suggesting where more money could be found. One suggestion was a major investment in the STAR program.

Hancock will come up with a revised budget next week that includes increasing other city services. The Council will hold public hearings on the new budget.



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