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Denver Broncos: The place Ought to Blame For Week 12 Debacle Be? – Principally orange


The Denver Broncos hit a new low on Sunday.

In a miserable 31-3 loss to the New Orleans Saints in week 12, the Broncos were the first team in 22 years to throw more interceptions than completed passes. Kendall Hinton, the receiver of the training team who is to serve as the team's starting quarterback, completed only one pass in the game and threw two interceptions.

But Hinton didn't deserve the blame for that loss. Not even close.

But who is to blame? Denver head coach Vic Fangio certainly seemed to blame his quarterback room for what went on in the game based on this interaction with Lindsay Jones of The Athletic.

It is true that the Broncos broke protocol when their quarterbacks interacted with Jeff Driskel without the use of a mask. Drew Lock apologized.

There is no doubt that the quarterbacks took the team to a bad place. But why couldn't the league reschedule the game, you know, like the Baltimore-Pittsburgh game that was scheduled for Thanksgiving night?

It was revealed that Lamar Jackson along with several team members had a positive COVID test and the game was postponed. Why was the league so intent on setting an example out of Denver on Sunday?

In addition to the embarrassing defeat that all but dashed the Broncos' hopes for the playoffs, there are likely to be other penalties that come with fines and / or loss of draft picks.

It is certainly fair to wonder if the league would have forced a team like the New England Patriots or the Dallas Cowboys to play a game without a single quarterback on the 53-man roster. Would that have been the answer Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones got? Heck, would Pat Bowlen have even received such a response from the league office?

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It's hard to tell what would have happened or what should have happened, and it's the kind of debate that fits right into the debates that have raged across the country since the pandemic began.

What is certain, however, is that the league should deal more consistently with its teams and players in relation to this pandemic. Forcing the Broncos to play this game without a quarterback was a bit much.

And if this is to be the league's stance, it must be ensured that other teams are up to the Broncos standard.

What we saw on Sunday was embarrassing. But the fans shouldn't be ashamed of the players and the players shouldn't be ashamed of their performance, they did their best given the situation.

The league should be embarrassed that this game could be played.



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