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Denver Broncos Fanzone: Fast takes with Patrick Chiotti – Predominantly Orange


The Denver Broncos are set to face the New Orleans Saints. I chat with Patrick Chiotti ahead of the game.

Could the Denver Broncos be in any more of a tough situation? The team is quarterback-less and will be starting a wide receiver from their practice squad named Kendall Hinton. This is not the ideal situation to be in. But unfortunately, the team has to work with what they have.

Denver will be in such unfamiliar territory when the Saints come marching into Mile High. But they also will be without their starting quarterback. Drew Brees is currently on injured reserve. Taysom Hill will be lacing the cleats up for the Saints on Sunday.

This game should be an interesting one, full of unpredictability. But this is how 2020 has gone for the Denver Broncos. What is another wrench in the season?

But the Denver Broncos fanzone continues. This week, our guest is Patrick Chiotti. He is part of the Pro Football Network and covers the Broncos. We sat down on Friday and talked about the state of the Broncos.

Ty: The Denver Broncos got a much needed win against the Dolphins. What stood out to you the most in the victory?

Patrick: The biggest thing that stood out to me was the defensive front really stepping it up. With all of the guys they had out from injury, the fact we had guys like Dre’Mont Jones, DeMarcus Walker, etc. that is what stood out to me. Creating that pressure on Tua. Forcing Fitzpatrick to come into the game. On the offensive side, we can talk about Drew’s big game.

Ty: Denver appears to do better when they are running the ball effectively. Why do you believe that the team is so inconsistent when it comes to running the ball?

Patrick: I believe it really comes down to a lot of things. Stemming from the Atlanta game, not giving Phillip Lindsay enough carries. Not splitting those reps enough. I think Melvin Gordon is a fine back. He has done well in Denver, but we all know Lindsay is the best back in the running back room. If you are not giving the football to your best players, you are not going to be successful on offense. Going from 12-15 carries, to four, and then back, it is just not a good game plan.

Ty: How did your love for the Denver Broncos come to fruition?

Patrick: It started as a young kid. The first football game I ever watched was the Broncos vs. Packers Super Bowl. I was about six or seven at the time and didn’t know much about football. Seeing that on television, I said I wanted to be that guy. I have a lot of family out in Colorado, it was always Broncos stuff. 

The first Broncos game I went was in 2006 against the Bengals. It was dumping snow. Typical Denver weather. It was the first experience I had of Mile High Magic. It started as a kid but it has grown over the years.

Ty: The Broncos are set to face the New Orleans Saints. What will it take to win this game?

Patrick: This is going to be a tough game. It will be tough for the offense. The Saints have one of the more under-sung defensive units in the league. They are the eighth ranked defense. Second ranked run defense. Being able to get the run game going will be crucial. Taysom Hill is not like every quarterback in the league, I wonder if they utilize a specific game plan. You have to be disciplined. Getting pressure on Hill and let Simmons roam could be key.

Ty: Is there one player on the Broncos roster you have your eye on for Sunday?

Patrick: There are a lot. I think Justin Simmons is playing at a great level right now. I am going to say Drew Lock (interview was done before the news of him missing Sunday’s game.) Learn from what you did wrong last week and use it this week against one of the best defenses in the NFL. Prove it to the guys that have been casting doubt. Bradley Chubb is another guy I have my eye on this week.

Thank You Patrick for taking the time out to chat with me. If you want to watch the full interview, you can do so here. Let’s Go Broncos!



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