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BROOMFIELD, Colorado (KDVR) – Broomfield is the first town in the Front Range to move toward Level Yellow, a milestone companies say they have worked very hard on.

"We're a small, locally owned brunch restaurant," Brittany Bartlett told EAT! Food and drink manager said. Seven days ago all the inside tables were empty.

"COVID has been a big change for us, from takeout and delivery only to alfresco dining and now at 25% capacity," Bartlett said.

Since the first of the year they moved from Level Red rules to Orange, and tomorrow the COVID wheel will change again.

“We are very proud to be one of the first companies to be approved for Level Yellow. So from Monday we can have 50% capacity and level yellow, which is very exciting, to have more guests in the building, ”said Bartlett.

While the 50% capacity is back to normal, business is not going as usual.

"This is our COVID prevention book, which will be our guide and binder, containing strategies for harm reduction, health and prevention, and everything we need to keep our employees safe," said Bartlett.

This is one of the few restaurants that qualified for Broomfield's 5-Star Variance. You have to follow much stricter guidelines to let in more customers.

"We disinfect everything with two disinfectants, soap and water," said Bartlett. Certified 5-star companies must have special air filters, keep tables 10 feet apart instead of 6 feet, do daily health checks of all employees, and change for customers too.

"You scan the QR code and it will be entered into a form that you fill out in the event of an incident or COVID case. We can contact this guest and let them know," said Bartlett.

They say any changes are worthwhile to keep the business open, have the staff at work, and keep everyone safe.

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